Disclaimer: All the tracks from "We Were Dead From The Start" are base on the book 1984 by George Orwell. "Memories being the first song, I explain why I wrote this album on that post. It'll help to read these posts in order of album appearance.

The official first track, unofficial second track of "We Were Dead From The Start" is "Doublethink." While this is perhaps the least related 1984 as a whole, it was inspired by the book, so I included it. Plus it had a fun bass line. Plus it's my band so shut up. 

The concept of doublethink as explained in 1984 is pretty interesting. It's the practice of holding two opposing views simultaneously, acknowledging that they're opposing while also immediately forgetting that they're opposing. And then forgetting that you went through that process all together. As an example, in Oceania, the primary location in 1984, if you don't follow the rules set up by the party, you can, and will, be taken by the Thought Police and at the very least tortured and brain washed. But, in Oceania, there are no rules, so you are free to do whatever you like. Party members have to balance these out continually. Oceania is at war with a nation, and therefore has always been at war with that nation. Even if just two weeks ago they were at war with another nation instead, the Party is infallible and therefore never makes mistakes. It's quite a long process, and difficult to discuss outside of the book.

ANYWAYS. I liked the idea that in our current political climate, people tend to hold opposing views all the time and force ignorance upon themselves. So, you could say Doublethink is more a political satire. It's a first person narrative of someone refusing to think for themselves. 

The first verse starts with the character stating that they don't know what to believe, but they're sure someone will tell them. These ideas don't have to agree with anything. Everything lines up as long as you don't think about it. 

The second verse puts the character against someone else. "I don't care what you believe, provided that we don't ever disagree." I wanted to set up the idea that everyone claims to be open minded until you don't agree with them, then you're the idiot. 

The song ends with a bunch of opposites being discarded as basically the same because the character doesn't want to think so much. 

You'll also here my typical "guitar playing both chords and lead lines" feel that I have engrained into my ethos as a songwriter. 

Not my deepest song, but as I explained in my song "No One Else," sometimes you just want a fun song to play. Doublethink is that. 

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