1. Praying Drunk

From the recording Another Anodyne

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Praying Drunk

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Verse 1
Tonight I'm too tired, to fight it anymore
Another shot of whiskey, my defenses hit the floor
Take me some time, think through my thoughts
I've had three to many, but I'll take one more shot

Verse 2
Leaves fade from green, into gentle gold
A season begins, and another comes to close
I've spent the last twenty, on comfort and ease
But hell if I'm honest, it's not brought any peace

I am looking for freedom, searching for release
Looking for hope that can't be stripped from me
Maybe I’ll find it, at the bottom of this drink
I’m down on my knees, praying drunk

Verse 3
I've got my visions, what I think is best
I’ve got my vices and right now I'm desperate for a cigarette
I’ve got desire deep in my bones
And it’s never quenched
No matter who I take home

Fighting for life I embraced my death
Desperate to breathe while still holding my breath
Driven to gain I've suffered loss
Twisted in pride, I've made swords of your cross
My greed for good robs me of the best
Struggling for freedom I gave up Your rest