1. Rooted

From the recording Another Anodyne

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Verse 1
I’m not scared of being wrong
But I’m terrified of being lost
So, it makes sense that I’d be in unfamiliar terrain
I don’t see the path ahead
I can’t even see the tracks I’ve left behind
All the guiding tools that I have, have failed

And I desperately want to see the beauty surrounding me
But it takes a leap of faith, and it’s one that I’m afraid
I don’t think I can make. I’m rooted in this place
I’m rooted in this place

Verse 2
How I yearn for black and white
While a technicolor spectrum unfolds before my eyes
All the shades and hues dance together, it’s chaos
So, I turn and hide my face
I’m just not made for all the messes of this place
Maybe I’m better off learning to live without

I keep trying to blaze a trail through this wilderness
But every mark I make just fades. And I remain in the same state