1. I'm Sorry

From the recording Another Anodyne

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I'm Sorry

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Verse 1
They promised us that it was meant to be
A storybook ending for you and me
They promised us the highs would always outnumber the lows
They failed to mention love can come and go

I’m sorry for the things that I have done
I’m sorry for the words that I have said
Yes, I’m sorry that I gave up when you needed me the most
Oh, I’m sorry that I turned and walked away

Verse 2
Maybe we just gave up to soon
Maybe it was never meant to be
No matter why somewhere along the way we gave up hope
Could it have worked out? Well now we’ll never know

Verse 3
I’d like to say it’s all because of you
Shit, I’d settle if you blamed it all on me
The truth is that it’s somewhere in an ugly shade of gray
And no matter what we do, it’ll stay that way
And no matter what I do [it’ll stay that way]