From the recording Another Anodyne

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Figs From Thistles

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Verse 1
When I was young, I lived in fear
Of an angry man who was fond of beer
So, I took his gun, fled through the night
I learned to steal just to get by

Verse 2
I met a boy, his parents dead
I caught him thievin’ from me while I slept
He’s just trying to eat. He don’t wanna die
And so, we steal just to get by

Verse 3
Now after years, the kid is torn
His heart is set on something more
Says he’s had enough. Says that this ain’t right
He don’t want to steal just to get by

So I told him go. Go and find your path
You got too much to offer for me to hold you back
Now I can’t change, but I know I’ll find
A fig from all the thistles forced into my life