From the recording Time Is Standing Still

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Whiskey And Silence

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Another day stuck inside the walls of my head
And I'm wearing a path running from the demons I know and the ones still in shadow
I couldn't tell you the day it is. They've all started to feel the same

I never knew how terrified I was of silence
I tried my best to scare it off with anything that I could find
But here I am, there's nothing else. And I've got no place left to go

I guess it's time I open up the window to my heart
And let the light illuminate who I am

So silence won't you pull up a chair. And I'll grab the whiskey
We'll raise a glass to who I was and who I have yet to become
And I will leave all my broken pieces there on the table
And you can put them back where they belong

Another day stuck inside the walls of my head
Well, the demons aren't gone, but there claws aren't as long as before
And I'm not where I need to be, but at least I am moving again